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PKM Steel Service IInc
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Night Shift Supervisor

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Job Description:

(1) Perform front-line managerial tasks required to produce fabricated items in compliance with contract/customer specifications, company policies and/or procedures conforming to American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) standards. (2) Insure and maintain confidentiality of all proprietary information. (3) Manage work force which includes, but is not limited to, scheduling work flow, assigning manpower, following through in problem solving, confronting non-performance issues, recognizing outstanding performance, monitoring quality levels, notifying Human Resources of performance issues, and completing all required documentation. (4) Be in attendance during scheduled work hours on daily basis, remaining flexible to production needs. (5) Work well with co-workers and management personnel on daily basis. (6) Lead safety effort including, but not limited to, leading safety meetings, monitoring work force to insure safe work practices are followed, and confronting non-conformance.

Thorough education and/or experience is intimately knowledgeable of facets, variables, and requirements of both structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication. Knowledgeable of individual job specifications and requirements. Knowledgeable and skilled in essential duties of operator classifications reporting to them. Understands applicable workmanship provision of current AWS and/or AISC specifications. Able to translate, assist, and train shop personnel in these requirements. Can demonstrate knowledge of overall process, from bidding for jobs through detailing, fabrication, shipping, documentation and accounting. Able to demonstrate skills in scheduling work-flow, assigning manpower and achieving adequate throughput. Knowledge and skill in utilizing motivational techniques. Accurate knowledge of and demonstrable skills in interpersonal communication and conflict management. Accurate knowledge and skill in interpreting and following blueprints, shop drawings, cutting lists, and all other approved methods of communications used in the fabrication process. Able to demonstrate skill in administration of objective, progressive disciplinary action, coaching, persuasive influencing, written and verbal communications, creative and pro-active problem-solving, decision-making and leadership practices. Demonstrates high degree of ethical behavior, work ethic, honesty and reliability. Able to manage stress constructively and maintain positive, even temperament during periods of frustration, ambiguity and change.

TOOLS: All tools listed in the specific operator classifications they supervise plus tools required for assigned preventive maintenance as identified by the Maintenance Manager.

EQUIPMENT: All equipment used in area of supervision as well as proper use and maintenance of copiers, computer terminals, typewriter and/or word processing software. Responsible for proper use and care of training equipment utilized in their area including, but not limited to, video player, overhead projector, and slide projector.

In addition to materials identified in specific operator classifications within their area, training materials including, but not limited to books, Xeroxed hand-outs, videos, audio tapes and samples.

Possesses and maintains physical strength, agility, stamina and mobility to enable easy movement into and around the shop and office facilities. Able to work in challenging physical surroundings without injury to self or others. Ability to lift minimum seventy (70) pounds on an occasional basis. Able to perform essential functions in varying positions involving extended periods of time standing, bending, stooping, lifting, or crouching. Adequate mobility to perform various physical actions requiring climbing up onto, around, and over larger work pieces. Ability to perform essential functions under variable working conditions including, but not limited to, lighting, noise levels, work surfaces, ventilation and temperature variations due to weather conditions.

Monitors work done in their area for accuracy, quality of workmanship, and compliance with job requirements. Responsible for insuring work in their area is completed in a safe, timely, cost efficient, quality manner. Communicates appropriate business-related information to all other areas, employees, and management personnel. Schedules work-flow. Makes manpower assignments within their area. Monitors, measures and evaluates individual and group performance. Approves verbal warnings. Administers progressive disciplinary actions as required.

General Supervisor.
Shop Foreman continued:

1. Enthusiastically support and comply with company policies, programs, procedures and/or guidelines during performance of all duties. Report observed instances of non-compliance to General Foreman.

2.Demonstrate high tolerance level for ambiguity, stress and pressure. Maintain professional, positive, even temperament at all times. Maintain and promote positive working environment.

3.Demonstrate safe work habits, monitor work habits of area workers, and confront non-compliance. Administer appropriate progressive disciplinary action as required.

4.Maintain active involvement in pre-job meetings, review drawings and other job information prior to and during fabrication. Administer written/verbal instructions, read and interpret blueprints, patterns, cutting lists, sketches, and all other forms of production communication.

5.Distribute and monitor production schedules. Coordinate work with various departments. Accurately communicate scheduling changes and delegate same to Leadmen. Monitor and measure area productivity/throughput.

6.Evaluate current and future manpower needs to insure meeting production schedules in timely, efficient manner, without sacrificing quality of workmanship or safe work practices. Notify General Foreman of needs.

7.Maintain close working relationship with quality control to immediately improve, correct, or resolve observed or reported deficiencies. Work with quality control to identify technical training needs for work force members. Cooperate with all areas and employees to promote best interests of company. Promote cooperation within and between areas, individuals and departments.

8.Ensure new personnel receive adequate orientation and training in essential functions of their job classifications, safe work practices of their assigned position, and overall operation of the fabrication and production functions. Deliver hands-on training sessions as required. Coach and demonstrate appropriate leadership behaviors and skills for Area Leadmen and members of the work force.

9.Requisition and restock materials, supplies, tools and equipment as required. Arrange storage of same in work area to ensure optimum efficiency and productivity. Monitor and document usage of same. Complete required accounting documentation for employee purchases of safety supplies or miscellaneous tools.

10.Monitor and ensure routine preventive maintenance tasks are completed and documented correctly. Administer appropriate progressive discipline for non-performance. Complete assigned maintenance tasks.

11.Accurately complete all required documentation. Audit documentation completed by leadmen and area work force members. Confront non-performance and administer appropriate disciplinary actions.

12.Inspect, monitor, audit and verify areas output for quality of workmanship and schedule adherence. Work closely and cooperate fully with quality control to identify problems and solutions. Notify Production Manager of possible problems affecting ability to meet established schedules or required quality controls.

13.Establish and communicate personal and area performance and improvement goals in support of departmental and organizational objectives. Monitor progress and measure results. Encourage and promote continuous personal development, skill attainment and optimal performance for self and others. Attend training sessions as appropriate. Communicate results to General Foreman.

14.Encourage and actively seek ideas and suggestions including, but not limited to, ways to increase productivity, reduce costs, minimize scrap and rework, increase safety, reduce material handling time, improve throughput, and enhance working conditions.

15.Volunteer self, request and motivate Leadmen and work force members to volunteer for work beyond standard, scheduled shop hours in response to unforeseen production requirements.

16.Maintain and demonstrate high degree of work ethic, honesty and ethical behavior. Plan ahead to ensure no lapse between productive periods within the work area. Is timed in and has work assignments identified, ready to begin by time shift buzzer sounds.

17.Report all abnormal conditions immediately to the General Foreman and/or the Production Manager.

18.Perform all other duties as assigned.

Apply in person at 231 East Avenue A, Salina KS 67401 or online using the link to careers page at the bottom of this page.


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PKM Steel Service IInc
228 E Avenue A
Salina KS 67401

Contact Information:

Jason Torrey
228 E Ave A
Salina, Kansas 67401
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