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G.L. Huyett

G.L. Huyett
1215 East 8th Street
Minneapolis, KS 67467
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G.L. Huyett
Primary Location
Minneapolis, KS 67467
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G.L. Huyett

G.L. Huyett is a manufacturer, importer, and master distributor of industrial fasteners and grease fittings. Founded in 1899 by Guy Huyett, a German immigrant, we are one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in the state of Kansas. With a worldwide global sourcing presence, and a North American marketing focus, G. L. Huyett has a wide ranging opportunity base for enterprising and hard working people who want to better their own lives, and those of their families and communities.

The Company is privately owned by the O’Keeffe family, who are committed to the long-term interests of not only G. L. Huyett, but the community at large. In addition to in-house training and development programs to enrich the development and skills of the staff, the Company regularly engages in community development projects to improve the quality of life of everyone in North Central Kansas.

Many people know G. L. Huyett for its annual Project Drive, a grant program for non-profit community development, and for the company's sponsorship and volunteering at the annual Salvation Army Thanksgiving Day dinner. To learn more, visit

Our “Way of Life” signifies the long-term community development mission of the corporation and is often referenced internally in support of employee-friendly programs. Or, as we often say, we are “Under the Shade Tree.”

Some of the innovative programs we have in place:

 – A Public Pay Grade System 
to know what jobs pay what rates. The system provides a visual growth pattern for development of the personal economic opportunity of all employees. 

– A Profit Sharing Program
 based on open book management. Each tenured employee receives a quarterly bonus based on their performance and the Company's profit.

– Individual Training Plans 
that are facilitated with your supervisor so that you have a roadmap to acquire additional skills in order to make yourself execute at a higher level of productivity and gain more value.


G.L. Huyett offers excellent benefits. For more information, visit our Benefits page at



G.L. Huyett is continually expanding and is always looking for professionals
to help meet our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.

To apply, visit the employment page at